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We are a catering company based in the North East of England offering corporate promotions; we have designed a car sales BBQ promotion to increase your car sales we hope you will consider.

It is a simple but highly effective method we have perfected over the past two years to promote:
Launch of a new vehicle
Stock clearance
New registration plates

It works like this: We have put together four cost-effective menus for this promotion that all include:
8ft BBQ - all cooking equipment including charcoal - 2 x Chef's (5 hours) - 3 x 6ft serving tables & linen table covers - napkins - plates - cutlery - delivery - set up - clear up.

All of the menus included in this promotion can be changed to you own requirements and if you have any questions or require more information please contact us we are always happy to help.

Our menus can be changed to suit your budget or requirements
One of every item would be served to your guests
All prices are with in 20 miles of DH1 1BQ, please call us for a price outside of this post code.

Promotional barbecue menu 1

Lincoln sausage in a Vienna longboat bun with fried white onions
Large chicken drumsticks
Quarter pounder (100% beef) in a round white bap with fried white onions
Corn on the cob with a butter portion

Promotional barbecue menu 2
Cumberland sausage with onion sage
Marinated chicken wings (tikka, Mexican or Chinese marinade)
Large pork chop dry marinated in barbecue spice
French stick garlic bread slices
Grilled mixed vegetable kebabs

Promotional barbecue menu 3
Quarter pounders (100% beef) in a white round bap with fried white onions
Crispy chicken legs
Char grilled T-bone steak
French stick garlic bread slices
Piping hot Heinz baked beans
Large red and green peppers stuffed with vegetable rice

Promotional barbecue menu 4
Pork ribs in a sticky barbecue sauce
Teriyaki salmon skewers
Chicken breast stuffed with a leek and onion
Char grilled vegetable wrap
Grilled vegetable kebabs
French stick garlic bread slices with a cheese and tomato topping
Ash baked jacket potato

Optional extras:
Tea and coffee - (sale or return)
Mineral water - (sale or return)
Orange juice - (sale or return)
Cans of pop - (sale or return)
6ft table hire
Disposable table covers
A full bar service can also be set up please telephone regarding this option

If the catering promotion sounds good but a BBQ is not possible please contact us we have a range of catering ideas to fit in with your sales promotion day.
Our car sales promotion is designed for the car sales manager and his sales team. We have provided many car sales events over the past two years not only BBQ's but also other catering promotions including cocktail buffets, breakfasts and food platters.

The aim of all our car sale promotions is to create a good atmosphere in the showroom for the customer and the sales team itself, the customer feels he/she is getting something for free and the sales team are boosted by the promotion and the free food if nothing else.

How it all started
After speaking to a car sales manager in Durham two years ago, he told me of a new vehicle that was due to be launched later in the year. He asked if I would be able to provide a buffet so he could invite some guests to come and test drive the vehicle. We agreed on a menu for the night and the event was a small success with a lot of interest in the new vehicle but only 10% of the guests invited had turned up.

At the weekend we did a family fun day barbecue for a wood company, we where asked to cater for 60 people but by the end of the day well over 100 guests had been served, the event was very popular and I noticed everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves it was at this point the company manager came over and thanked us for providing the BBQ and jokingly said "I didn't expect such a good turn out I thought a lot of the staff might have had other plans for the weekend, it just goes to show how popular a barbecue is these days".

The next week I was reflecting on the work we had done for the showroom and the wood company, so I called the car sales manager and told him about the success of the BBQ event at the weekend and would he consider trying a barbecue promotion for the next car launch, he said the next new vehicle wouldn't be for a while but he did have a lot of trade in stock that needed clearing out and maybe a stock clearance promotion might work well.

The promotion was put together like this: We provided catering on the night for 200 guests and we served over 170 people in a five-hour period, the night was a huge success with 8 cars, 3 four wheel drive and 3 vans being sold on the night.

Car sales - BBQ Promotion

Car sales BBQ promotion
Author: Philip Lee Hewitson
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