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Whatever event you are planning large or small our events team can help.
Do you need 50 To 50,000 People Served Quickly ?
Flexible Catering Menu Options ?
All of the catering options below are designed to give you maximum choice when planning your event and you will be able to create the perfect event catering menu to meet your needs.
The choices below are examples but you can change or mix and match every option. If you require any help please give our events team a call on 0191 3863682 to speak with one of our experianced event planning staff.

Below is our corporate barbecue menu 2 it comes complete with everything provided as a full package for your event.

Corporate event barbecue menu 1
Cumberland sausage with onion sage - Marinated chicken wings (tikka, Mexican or Chinese marinade)
Quarter ponder (100% beef) in a round white bap with fried white onions - French stick garlic bread slices
Red and yellow peppers stuffed with savoury rice  - Corn on the cob with a butter portion 
Potato and leak pasta - Boiled potatoes

The above barbecue menu would include:
8ft Barbecues - all cooking equipment including charcoal - chef's – service staff
work tables & table covers (service area) – disposable napkins – disposable plates disposable cutlery - delivery - set up - clean up (service area)
Guests are required to come to a service point

100 guests: £1060+VAT - 150 guests: £1520+VAT - 200 guests: £1980+VAT
250 guests: £2520+VAT - 300 guests: £2870+VAT - 500 guests: £4520+VAT

Outstanding value for money 100 guests served for only £10.60 per head + VAT !!!
Please view our barbecue catering website: www.barbecuecaterer.com or give us a call on 0191 3863682

Event Buffets

The hog roast catering service is a very popular event catering option, we are the biggest hog roast catering company in the North of England.
We have a hog roast catering website. Please view our corporate hog roast page for more information and prices.

As you can see from the information above we offer a wide range of event catering options. Another option is to combine any of the above services to create your perfect event catering menu and because it's custom made to your requirements, the catering would be totally unique.

Below is a example combination menu
Catering for 200 guests
Hog roast + salads + potatoes for 100 guests: £780 + VAT
BBQ corporate menu 1for 100 guests: £860 + VAT

Total = £1640 + VAT

Cost per head is only £8.20 providing you and your guests with a large choice of food
You can combine your own options give us a ring for a quote on any of our catering services
Finger Buffet Food
Event Venues In The North East
catering venue
BBQ catering set up
event catering barbecue catering
Over the years we have provided our event catering services to many of the North Easts top venues but finding the prefect venue for your event can take time and not all venues allow outside caterers, we have put together a North East venues page to give you a few options.
event catering venues
Our food stations are ideal for outdoor event catering and we are now pleased to offer 14 food station options.
Food stations are all different. They offer a competley new form of event catering that will impress all your guests.
For more information about event catering food stations please view our food station website.
food stations

event catering

Event Catering Solutions For Professional Events

Barbecue Event Catering

Hog Roast Event Catering

Event Catering Food Stations

Buffets are a good option for simplicity if you want a no fuss, easy to arrange catering package for your event then choosing a buffet is your best option.
Below are our suggested event catering buffet options.
Event Finger Buffets
We offer six finger buffet menus. Please view our finger buffet page for all of the menu options.
you can choose multiple finger buffet menus to increase the choice of food available.
Based on 200 guests
40 x finger buffet menu 12 - 40 x finger buffet menu 13 - 40 x finger buffet menu 14
40 x finger buffet menu 15 - 20 x finger buffet menu 16 - 20 x finger buffet menu 17

Our finger buffets come complete and include: disposable plates/napkins/table covers/delivery and set up.
If you are holding a more formal event we also offer china crockery/linen napkins and table covers.
Event Fork Buffet
Our fork buffet is perfect for all kinds of catering events. Please take a look at our fork buffet page to see the menu.
event catering fork buffet
Fork Food Menus
Fork Buffet Food Prices
Fork Buffet Example
Cold Buffet Options
Finger Food For Event Catering
Cold Pick Up Food Menus
Our fork buffet is provided with: disposable plates/napkins/forks/tables covers/delivery and set up.
For formal events we would recommend adding china crockery/linen napkins/cutlery and linen table covers if you require this to be added to your order simply let us know when booking.
Event Hot Buffet
We offer nine hot buffet options. Please take a look at our Hot buffet page to see the full menu.
hot buffet event catering
Hot buffets event catering
Hot food event caterer
hot event food
Choose one of the hot buffet main meals and a side dish or if you are catering for larger numbers you can select more than one dish see example.
Based on 200 guests
50 x Cottage pie served with mixed vegetables - 50 x Beef lasagne served with garlic bread
50 x Vegetable curry served with rice - 50 x Steak pie served with potato wedges
The hot buffet comes complete with everything you need: (disposable plates/napkins/knives/forks/tables covers/delivery and set up)
For more formal events we would suggest adding service staff, heating equipment, china plates, cutlery, linen napkins or linen table covers.
Please let us know If you require any of these items when ordering.

Event Food Platters
There are 20 different food platters to choose from. Please take a look at our food platter page for all the options.
Food platter
food platters
event catering platters
Platters of food
Our food platters can be added to buffets to make fantastic centre pieces or for smaller events you could select just the food platters on their own.
Example 1:
Based on 200 guests
100 x finger buffet menus + 14 x food platters - The platters would be possitioned between the finger buffet as centre pieces

Example 2:
Based on 200 guests
100 x fork buffet + 14 x platters - Again the platters would work well as centre pieces

Event Buffet Combination Options
You can combine any of the buffet menus and food platters to create your own custom menu.
Combinations of our buffet menus are ideal for event catering, you can combine any of our buffet menus to make your own bespoke menu.

Example 1:

Based on 200 guests
50 x finger buffet menu 13 - 50 x finger buffet menu 15 - 50 x fork buffet menu 18 - 9 x food platters

Example 2:
Based on 200 guests
70 x Hot buffet steak baguettes - 70 x Hot buffet Chicken baguettes - 60 x Fork buffet menu 18 - 2 x food platters
As all of our buffets come complete with everything you need the combination menus are the same and would include:: disposable plates/napkins/knives/forks/tables covers/delivery and set up, If you need formal equipment please let us know when ordering.
event catering buffet catering
Combination menus
Finger buffet combinations
event catering buffets
Below is our corporate hog roast menu 3. It uncludes everything you will require in one package for your event.

Corporate hog roast menu 3
Hog roasted pig with crispy crackling served on a plate with three salads, potatoes, applesauce and stuffing

The above hog roast menu would include:
Hog roast machine, chefs, service staff, service tables, equipment, table covers (service tables only), plates
napkins, delivery, clean up (service area only)
Guests are required to come to a service point

50 guests: £545 + VAT - 100 guests: £780 + VAT - 150 guests: £1005 + VAT - 200 guests: £1230 + VAT
250 guests: £1455 + VAT - 300 guests: £1680 + VAT - 400 guests: £2110 + VAT - 500 guests: £2510 + VAT

Outstanding value for money 100 guests served for only £7.80 per head + VAT !!!
Please view our hog roast website: www.hogspitroast.co.uk or give us a call on 0191 3863682
hog roast event catering
spit roast event catering
hog roast event catering
hog roast event caterer
Our corporate event barbecue catering service is perfect for large and small events we can serve hundreds of people very quickly if required or if time is not an issue we can also provide a more casual service lasting all day the choice is yours.
We have designed a website for our barbecue catering service. Please take a look at our Corporate barbecue page for information and menus.
barbecue catering photo
BBQ caterer
We offer 14 different food stations each food station is unique the food stations can be set up on any flat surface the food stations are designed to feed large groups of people quickly, give us a call to discuss your event and the food stations options.
Based on 500 guests
1 x Indian food station - 1 x Jacket potato food station - 1 x Pasta food station
Take a look at our food station website for more information: www.foodstations.co.uk
food station units
event catering food stations

Event Catering Combinations

north east party venue
north east event venues

photos from catering events

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