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Our fork buffet is totally unique you can customise every aspect to create your perfect menu.
Homemade cheese and onion quiche
Two mini spring rolls
Red and green tossed salad
Savoury rice salad
Tomato and basil pasta salad

Fork buffet comes complete with: disposable plates, disposable forks,
disposable napkins and disposable table covers.
Fork buffet
Fork buffets
Fork buffet
Fork buffet catering
We have designed our fork buffet to be flexible so you can create the perfect menu depending on your requirements.

Example: If it's a cold day you might want the spring rolls and pasta bake to arrive hot, there is no extra charge for this service.

The above fork buffet menu can be used as it is or you can swap, add or take away items as you see fit.

To swap, add or take away items please visit our Extras items page here you will find a list of our most popular buffet items.

Another option to consider is our range of platters; each platter serves 10 guests and compliments the fork buffet perfectly.

You may also require hot or cold drinks, we offer a wide selection including:
Tea - coffee - orange juice - mineral water - canned drinks - wines and other beverages please view our drinks page.

The above menu can be supplied on china crockery with stainless steel forks please contact us if this is a requirement. 0191 3863682

Ordering the fork buffet is straight forward simply click on the Email an order page, fill in the details and send, we will reply back so you know your order is placed.

If you are unsure of your requirements please speak to one of our catering team they will gladly assist you to make sure this menu is correct for your requirements.

images from other fork buffet events

Outside event using the fork buffet
Combination catering including the fork buffet menu

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Fork Buffets

Fork Buffet - Menu 18 - £7.00 Per Head

Fork Buffet Options

* Minimum order 10
* Delivery charge may apply
* All prices are + VAT - 20%
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