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Durham University is fast becoming one of the North East region’s most popular wedding venues. With the city’s castle part of the university’s cluster of buildings the notion of holding a wedding at the university is to some very appealing.

Over the years Executive Coach and Catering Services have developed a very good relationship with the Durham University and are often asked to provide catering for a number of the university’s social and private events.

Durham university wedding

For this event, a wedding at one of the university’s campuses, the company were asked to provide a hog roast with a few additional side dishes. The dishes included three different types of salad and boiled potatoes.
The university and their staff had set out the majority of the required equipment in the function room. The service tables were already erected, covered and correctly positioned. This was one less job for the three members of staff on the job to do.

Weddings are always different to other event’s the company provide catering for. Although Executive Coach and Catering Services strive to provide a professional service for every event, they take extra care and attention at weddings.

To ensure a professional appearance all food was transferred into either a chafing dish or a porcelain pot provided by the university. These dishes and pots were then spread across the serving tables and labelled to add to the appearance.

Durham university catering

Once all the serving tables were professionally set up it was then time for the hog roast machine to be wheeled into position, between two tables for all to see. On arrival the machine was hooked up to the gas supply so it could be thoroughly heated, this was still the case in its new position.
The hog roast machine was purposely placed near the apple sauce and stuffing containers, meaning that serving would become easier. The salads were at the end of the service tables and the potatoes at the beginning, again this was to aid service.

Around 30 minutes before the service time one of the company’s skilled chefs started to carve the pig. Initially it is easier to serve the first flurry of guests if a proportion of the meat is already cut. Once cut the lid was once again placed on the machine to continue the heating process.

Durham university wedding catering

Once service time came around all lids were taken off chafing dishes and the hog roast machine and the staff were ready to serve. Guests were called up to the service area one table at a time.
One member of staff manned the chafing dish with potatoes in, serving the guests as they moved up the queue. Further up the service table another member of staff served the hog roast buns asking if guests wanted apple sauce and stuffing whereas the third member added the meat. The salads were self service.

Organising the service in this manner allowed the catering aspect of the day to run very smoothly. Each member of staff was aware of their role and when put together all three members served all guests efficiently, bearing in mind there were 150 guests in attendance.

After all guests were served the staff cleared the service area and disposed of any rubbish and surplus food. Clearing work areas and tidying up professionally is just one part of the company’s professional service.

The planning and organisation of the staff in attendance helped make this event very successful and has resulted in Executive Coach and Catering Services being asked to cater for a number of university events since.

If you are thinking about having a hog roast at your wedding please take a look at our hog roast webiste for menus, prices and more information or give us a call with your requirements and one of our members of staff would be more than happy to give you some advice and a quote.

Durham university hog roast

Hog Roast Catering at Durham University Wedding Event

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