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Ebbsfleet International is located just off the London M25 orbital motorway. Ebbsfleet station operate high-speed trains service HS1 (formerly Channel Tunnel Rail Link), national rail trains use the same rail line as the international trains, national trains operate at 140mph however international passenger trains operate at a top speed of 186mph through Kent, the channel tunnel and in France.

ebbsfleet international

High speed train travel to London St Pancras in 17 minutes and trains travel to the Olympic Stadium in just 7 minutes.

Ebbsfleet will operate the 'Olympic Javelin', taking seven minutes between St Pancras-Stratford International on High Speed 1 .

Train capacity will carry up to 25,000 people per hour each way between St Pancras and Olympic Park.

Ebbsfleet International is the main interchange station for the Olympics and will transfers passengers to and from the Olympics Stadium via international trains. Ebbsfleet international station provides trains to Europe. These countries are often referred to as Western European, with direct trains to Calais, Paris, Lille in France and Brussels in Belgium, Europe. Countries such as UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland or Italy offer a reliable and fast interconnected railway network.

High speed trains can get you from one side of the UK across the channel tunnel to any country in Europe and beyond in just couple of hours. In the UK and in Western Europe the use of railway transport can be quite expensive unless you book in advanced, whether you are talking about both domestic(inland) and international journeys. If you know the journey or are taking a holiday booking in advance might save you around 40% on the total cost of the train ticket fare.

ebbsfleet international train station

However the cost at airports are not justified, you must calculate cost to get to and from an airport, hours checking-in to board airplane, airplane delays, airport Tax, airport food is additionally expensive and the cost to park is too much. International trains have less delays than flights, trains travel directly and safely to the city center and can reduce CO2 emissions by x10.

Train travel can be much cheaper and trains can often complete the journey in a much faster overall time it might take you to go by airplane. Short haul flights are long process as you have to still go through airport experience, by train you simple turn-up with your luggage and get ready to board 30 mins ahead of the train. :

Ebbsfleet Train Station

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson
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