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Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Hog roasts are a great catering option for family birthday parties, particularly when looking to cater for over 100 people. Cold buffets, finger buffets and hot buffets are perfect for small functions but when the number of guests exceeds 70 or 80 it can become difficult to choose enough buffet options to please everyone.

hog roast washington
This particular event was a birthday party hog roast and BBQ at a house in the Washington area of Sunderland. The hog roast/BBQ and the salads which accompanied it were the catering options for the adults in attendance with the children being catered for elsewhere.

The garden of this particular property was very spacious and therefore was a perfect venue for a function attracting up to 120 guests. There was a bouncy castle and children’s entertainer as well as plenty of outdoor toys for the children to play with so this event had everything for everyone.
Setting up in the garden wasn’t a problem because of the space available. A large patio area set back from the grass was the designated hog roast area and so the two members of staff on this job set up their equipment in this area.

hogroast washington

Despite this being a private party it was still important for the staff to make a good impression, setting the food and equipment out professionally. Because there was so much space available the equipment could be nicely spread out.

A row of tables were set up along the edge of the patio. These were nicely decorated and were specifically placed in a row so guests would naturally form a queue when requesting food. The tables were covered with salads and chafing dishes place on top.

Behind these tables was the hog roast machine containing the hog roast. This was being heated through by the gas which was connected to it. Arriving at an event in good time allows staff to take their time setting up and allows food which needs to be heated to be done so.

washington hogroast

Once service time came around guests were asked to visit the food service area. They lined up as expected where the tables were laid out. One by one they were asked if they wanted apple sauce and stuffing with their sandwich, these were in the chafing dishes, and then the meat was added to the sandwich from the machine behind. After they would move along to the BBQ choices and further down to the salad choices.

The design of the service area was perfect for this event and extremely well thought out. After visiting the salad table and adding sauces etc to their sandwich guests would then find a seat in the garden, allowing other guests to join the food queue.

washington hog roast

The quality of the food and the arrangements of the food equipment helped make this particular hog roast and BBQ combination very successful. With over 100 guests to cater for this event could have been troublesome.
Although the catering was only one small part of this birthday party the organisation and professionalism of Executive Coach and Catering Services did make at least one element of the day a success.

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