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This was a charity event in Fawdon, Newcastle. Executive Coach and Catering Services were asked to provide an oriental food station as part of a ‘help the community’ social event. The company receives a lot of requests to provide catering at public events in different communities but this was a private event.

The charity had ordered and paid for the food station but sold food tickets to those attending the event. Customers, most of whom were from the local community then used these tickets when visiting the stall.
Two members of staff were assigned to this job and on arrival to the site they were directed to the designated food station area; this was in the community centre car park.

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They set up the gazebo and decorated it with the relevant advertisement banners before setting about setting up the interior of the station.
Two tables were set up and then covered with table covers, helping create a professional image. The tables were then covered with chafing dishes, there were five of these all together. The candles which fuel the chafing dishes were set away, meaning other tasks could be completed whilst these heated up.

Once all the necessary equipment had been added to the food station the sides could be added to the gazebo. Three sides were added in total, leaving one side open for service, creating a very professional looking food sales unit.

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Once the chafing dishes had heated up the pre cooked curries were transferred, in their Chinese containers, from the hot boxes to the chafing dishes. Hot boxes are insulated boxes used by caterers to transfer food whilst keeping it hot.

The dishes available included:

Chicken tikka masala with rice

Chinese chicken curry with rice

Mexican chilli with rice


Spring rolls

Because the staff had arrived at the site well before the designated eating time the food had plenty of time to warm through if needed. For some dishes which needed to be heated from cold two portable stoves had been set up at the back of the unit.

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Once the customers started to visit the stall there was no rush like you would find at a party of a wedding. This was because of the nature of this particular event. Customers mingled and visited other stalls, spending their tokens at our stall in dribs and drabs. The two members of staff were kept busy but weren’t rushed off their feet.

The range of dishes available meant there was something for everyone. All 300 people who attended enjoyed themselves and complimented the staff for the quality of the food. We hope to do more events like this in the future.

If you are looking to provide outdoor catering for your event or party please take a look at the food station website for menus and price options or give us a call on 0191 3863682.

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Oriental Food Station Catering at Fawden Newcastle Upon Tyne

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