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This event was held at the Redhills site in Durham City. Executive Catering Services do a lot of work at this venue and were this time asked to provide catering for the full day, this included a mobile bar.

One large marquee and one small marquee were erected at the site with the larger one laid out with tables and chairs for the meal and the smaller one the designated bar area.
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The four members of staff assigned to this job arrived mid-morning. It is always important to arrive early to large jobs as effective organisation can make a complicated job very simple. On arrival the staff set up the bar area first, this was to allow the fridges enough time to cool the drinks for the afternoon.

Behind the erected bar two of the company’s smaller fridges stood side by side on a table. Although they didn’t need to be on the tables to help them work it was important that they were otherwise guests wouldn’t be able to see the drinks on sale. This also helped create a professional image.

The fridges were stocked and the fold- up bar decorated with small towels, again helping to create a professional image.

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Next it was on to the hog roast. Heating the hog roast thoroughly before serving is essential. Although it had already been cooked before arriving at the venue it had been stored in a fridge. The hog roast machine was hooked up to the gas supply and the pork was starting to heat through.

With all of the important jobs done with plenty of time to spare staff now started to put the final touches in place for the afternoon sit down meal, this was to be hog roast with salad and potatoes.

The service tables within the marquee were already covered so the staff were only required to decorate them and place their equipment on the tables. The chafing dishes for the stuffing and potatoes were placed on one table along with the apple sauce. One the next table the salads were laid out.
wedding redhills durham

Set back, behind the service tables was the hog roast; this wasn’t to be carved until nearer the service time and was still heating through. Outside the marquee the evening barbeque was being set up. It was set well away from the marquees and although not alight everything was ready in place.

When guests started to arrive back from the church the bar marquee was opened along with the bar itself. As guests were served and happily drinking the fridges were being restocked, this was a very efficient process.

Meanwhile in the main marquee the hog roast was being carved. As guests found their seats and the speeches were told it was time for everyone to enjoy their meal. Guests were called up to the service tables a table at a time. Staff were on hand to serve the sandwiches and potatoes as guests helped themselves to the salad. The layout of the tables and the chafing dishes helped make this and efficient process.
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After everyone had enjoyed their meal the cutlery and crockery was cleared away and it was onto the barbeque. When catering for 150 you have to be prepared and have a good idea of what barbecue food needs to be cooked when. Luckily our professional chefs had plenty of time.

The service tables inside the marquee were cleared and the evening buffet set out as the chefs went ahead and cooked off the barbeque food. Once cooked this food went into the chafing dishes which were mixed in with the buffet inside the marquee.

As guests helped themselves to the buffet our chefs restocked the chafing dishes with fresh food from the barbecue, making sure there was enough for everyone and that stocks didn’t run low.
Once all the barbecue food had been cooked the equipment was packed away with only the buffet and the mobile bar left open. These were then packed away at the end of the night.

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Wedding Catering at Redhills Durham City

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