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This particular barbecue event was a wedding celebration for a couple who tied the knot abroad. In an attempt not to exclude friends and family from their special day the couple organised a garden party at their house once they landed back in the UK.

barbecue catering sunderland

The barbecue menu was vast and included:

Pork ribs in a sticky barbecue sauce

Teriyiaki salmon skewers

Chicken breast stuffed with leak and onion filling

Char- grilled vegetable wrap

Grilled mixed vegetable kebabs

French stick garlic bread slices with a cheese and tomato topping

Ash baked jacket potatoes

barbecue catering in wearside

Because of the amount of food which needed to be cooked on the barbecue it was important to arrive at the venue early, we all know how temperamental barbecues can be. The barbecues used by Executive Coach and Catering Services are very large, about four times the size of a regular household barbecue.

Before setting the barbecue alight it was important to set up the food service area. First a gazebo was erected, although the barbecue could not be put under here for health and safety reasons at least all the other equipment could be kept dry during a downpour.

Next both steel and plastic tables were put up. The plastic ones were decorated with table covers, they were used to serve from. The metal ones were used to store hot barbecue equipment that would easily melt that plastic tables.

The covered plastic tables were then arranged under the gazebo, forming both a service area and a storage area. Heated chafing dishes were then placed on top of these tables, these helped keep food hot once it had been cooked on the barbecue.

wearside barbecue catering

Once the three professional chefs on the job had cooked all of the food and filled all of the chafing dishes it was time to serve. Guests were asked to queue for food and were served by all three members of staff.
With 135 guests to serve it was important that all the food was cooked beforehand so that all three could serve.

Once served guests returned to the house and other areas of the garden where they enjoyed their food.
Because the food was being stored in chafing dishes it was being kept hot, as if it had just come off the barbecue, this meant it didn’t matter if some guests wanted to wait till later on to be served.

Overall this event was a great success, mainly down to the fantastic organisation of the three members of staff on the job. They were well prepared and knew exactly how to plan the event. This event was a big hit with all guests.

We can provide a wide range of wedding catering options including a BBQ please take a look at our wedding catering page for more information and prices.
We offer a large choice of catering services to the Sunderland area please contact us for any event large or small.

sunderland barbecue catering

Barbecue Catering In Sunderland Wearside

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